Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

MMIs are an in-person candidate selection approach consisting of a series of 6-12 mini- interviews conducted by different interviewers, each lasting up to 10 minutes, in a timed circuit. Scores from each short interview are aggregated to profile candidates, assessing them against role-defined attributes and values.

MMIs are designed for objectivity, reliability and best ‘fit for role’. They take applicants outside their comfort zone by asking unexpected questions to generate authentic, spontaneous responses. They have been proven to reduce bias and provide robust, valid, and cost-efficient assessments in over 70 published academic studies since 2004.

The science of MMIs is built into SAMMI®. Intentional or unintentional bias, that can occur when MMIs are undertaken in person, is reduced, helping businesses to be sure that they their hiring decisions are fair and informed.