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We’re Sammi-Select

Our simple, yet powerful structured interview technology is uniquely built on the scientifically proven Multiple Mini-Interview method widely used by universities, IGOs and public sector organisations internationally.

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Blend the benefits of technology with a human touch

Alleviate unintended bias through co-design with a range of users

Multilingual functionality for enhanced fairness

Save 50% time

  • 100% consistency across interviews and assessments.
  • Reliable and transparent data-driven decisions.
  • Improved candidate engagement and satisfaction.
  • Reduced stress for candidates and recruiters.
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Total interviewer time*
Total coordinator time
Total overall time
Videoconf. **
SAMMI® ***

* Time in minutes
** Panel interview lasting 30 minutes with 2 interviewers
*** 6 question SAMMI® circuit with 4 minutes at each question and 1 minute between

Set up in three simple steps… as easy as PIE

We provide support and data analysis customised to your needs. Speak directly with our team to help you decide if you would like our standard or an individualised set up.

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Testimonials and Awards

We're proud to have been acknowledged for our innovation and services and are committed to maintaining the high standards that earned us these accolades.

Robust, fairer and quicker

After doing 1500+ interviews with SAMMI®, we are delighted with our 2023/24 recruitment cycle. Our interview processes are more robust, fairer, and quicker. Conversion rates (interview to accept) are at a six-year high. Staff time was saved with recruitment closing two months earlier than in 2023 for some programmes.

Bruce Harper-Ovstebo
Principal Lecturer
Robert Gordan University

A game-changer

The Sammi-Select team have been a game-changer for us. It has improved consistency and fairness across all of our remote MMIs for Medicine and our allied health programmes. The team has been fantastic in working with us to transition to using SAMMI and their expertise has helped make our MMIs more inclusive and reliable.

Angela Kubacki
Associate Dean for Admissions
St. George’s University of London

Culturally relevant MMI stations

It was great to work with Alison and the team at Sammi Select. We wanted a comprehensive and pragmatic selection tool for our context. Instead of directly offering us existing MMI case scenarios, Alison and team worked with us to develop culturally relevant MMI stations which are suited for both medical and dental students.

Professor Vishna Devi Nadarajah
Pro Vice-Chancellor
International Medical University

Consistently reliable and fair

We used SAMMI across our healthcare student selection in 2021/22. Its success in being consistently reliable and fair as well as saving time and resources, means we are expanding use in 2023/24.

Professor Melaine Coward
Deputy Dean, Head of School, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Surrey

Transformed the staff experience

The process of implementing SAMMI® into our midwifery recruitment has transformed the staff experience, offering flexibility and reduced workloads. The support Alison and the team have given us in achieving this has been excellent.

Lucy Evans
Lead for Admissions
Swansea University


Sammi-Select has been invaluable in helping my school to deliver a more inclusive and accessible admissions process. Feedback from applicants has been highly complimentary, and it has helped us to manage the high staff workload associated with admissions.

Professor Chris Proudman
Head of the School of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Surrey

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