Why Sammi-Select?

Our systems are customisable and co-designed for ED&I making candidate selection F.A.I.R.


Factual and cost-efficient


Automated scientific MMI method


Improved candidate satisfaction and engagement


Reputational gains

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Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

MMIs are a structured in-person candidate selection approach consisting of a series of 6-12 mini-interviews conducted by different interviewers, each lasting up to 10 minutes, in a timed circuit. Scores from each short interview are aggregated to profile candidates, assessing them against role-defined attributes and values.

Designed for objectivity, reliability and best ‘fit for role’

MMIs take applicants outside their comfort zone by asking unexpected questions to generate authentic, spontaneous responses. They have been proven to reduce bias and provide robust, valid, and cost-efficient assessments in over 70 published academic studies since 2004.

Reliable and transparent data-driven decisions.

The science of MMIs is built into our systems. Unintentional bias, that can occur when MMIs are undertaken in person, is reduced, helping businesses to be sure that their hiring decisions are fair and informed.

Our Team

Our team comprises of individuals with the necessary skills and expertise to help you add value and efficiency to your selection processes.

Portrait of Alison Callwood
Alison Callwood
CEO & Co-Founder
Portrait of Jon Rowland
Jon Rowland
Portrait of Lee Gillam
Lee Gillam
Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder
Portrait of Angelos Christidis
Angelos Christidis
Principle Software Engineer
Portrait of Mark Hennessy
Mark Hennessy
Executive Advisor
Portrait of Joseph Sultana
Joseph Sultana
Executive Advisor
Portrait of Joseph Sultana
Henry Nash
Non-Executive Director

Advisory Board

Provide unique external perspectives to build value, integrity and innovation in candidate selection to academic, public and industry sectors.

Portrait of Dr. Emily Williams
Dr. Emily Williams
Academic Lead for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, University of Surrey. Social epidemiologist.
Portrait of Anton I Botha
Anton I Botha
Former Head of Talent Selection Innovation at the United Nations, Industrial & Organizational Psychologist
Portrait of Dave Mills
Dave Mills
25+ years experience as Leader and Expert in Talent Acquisition and innovation in HR
Portrait of Angela Kubacki
Angela Kubacki
Associate Dean for Admissions, Senior Lecturer, St George’s, University of London
Portrait of Dr. Paul Tiffin
Dr. Paul Tiffin
NHS Psychiatrist & Reader in Psychometric Epidemiology, University of York
Portrait of Britt Hughes
Britt Hughes
Former HRD, Google Europe. Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.


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